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Chris Chiu

Being licensed to sell property in Vancouver BC since 2003, I have the ability to sense what people exactly need when it comes to buying property. I specialize in getting people the best property in Vancouver, BC by assessing their needs and making the whole process of buying a property enjoyable. My main motto is to provide the buyers with authentic and important information and address the clients’ needs by assessing them and coming up with the right formula that helps catering to their needs.
It is not just my expertise in the field that helps me bring to you some of the best property in Vancouver. In fact, I have the right set of skills that makes the process far more enjoyable. Some of the most important skills that I have are:
• Negotiation skills: I possess the right set of skills and I am an expert in negotiation. Therefore, I bring to you incredible choices when it comes to buying property and offer the perfect and winning formula that will allow you to get the best property there.
• Assessing The Risk Level: Another key area of my expertise is to understand the fact that buying a home involves a lot of risks and buying a home is a huge investment. The overall process is quite stressful and I know the risks involved. Therefore, my main aim is to assess these risks and then bring forward the best type of home that goes in line with the type of property that best suits your needs.
• Varied listing: I also have expertise in listing and selling homes in Vancouver and therefore, offer some of the best properties in important neighborhoods such as those of Arbutus, Dunbar, Point Grey, Cambie, and Kerrisdale.
• Expertise in building quality homes from ground up: As a real estate seller, I also have been working to build good quality homes from the scratch. I have successful worked on many different renovations since I was young, which has allowed me to get a better understanding of real estate in general. With experience then, I have also helped families find the right and most suitable home for themselves.

• Downsizing: Lastly, being a leader in real estate, I have also helped people with downsizing. A lot of people, when they turn old, want to change from living in a big house to a smaller house. It is an integral part of life, something that comes with age and we specialize in helping people through this transition, allowing them to find the most suitable home for them as their needs change.
With so many years of experience and equipped with the best skills, I have a very straight forward approach in letting you buy property. Moreover, my skills are suggestive of the fact that I deliver the right property at the right time.
In the past few years, I have worked to transform the way you do business and work to ensure that you get the right amount of attention. I specialize in client dealing and therefore, provide one on one attention so that the client gets what they deserve. Moreover, having a track record of selling some of the best and most sought after homes in Vancouver, I have maintained a successful reputation of working with the clients to ensure their success and satisfaction in general.
Having strived to become a market leader in Vancouver, BC, I offer some of the best in the real estate industry, providing clients with the right set of ethics and professionalism. My motto has always been to place my clients’ needs first and therefore, that is the reason why I bring the finest of properties to them in Vancouver, BC area.

Looking for property in Vancouver, BC and other underlying areas? Look no further. Give us a call and get aided right away.

I specialize in New Construction, Investments, Relocation, Foreclosure Property, Luxury Homes, Development Land, Condominiums and Buyer Brokerage.


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