Denise Hildebrand

I am a specialist listing agent at The A-Team at RE/MAX® Fort McMurray: My sole role is to help members of the public sell their homes for as much money as possible in a short space of time, regardless of the market circumstances. BUYING? I can refer you to any one of three A-Team Buyer’s Agents who are perfectly honest and who will get you the best possible deals (keys to every listing in town).

At our first meeting, I will give you all the info you need upfront so you can make the best decisions for yourself/your family. We get to work by creating world-class content and investing heavily in social media advertising (to get you maximum exposure and top dollar for your home). I care deeply for our clients and everything I do is toward the goal of selling your home in a stress-free way.

In my personal life, I am deeply committed to the enjoying and being part of our local community. For example, I brought "Diner en Blanc" to Fort McMurray which continues to thrive today.

My LinkedIn updates are about real estate, marketing or Diner en Blanc. If you have any questions about them, me, or The A-Team just reach out.

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I service the Fort McMurray area.

Languages spoken

  • English