James Tunnell

As a professional engineer, James is committed under sworn obligations to serve the best interests of his clients. He is driven by and often says “Because it’s not just a house…it’s their home.” Having managed multi-billion dollar facilities across North America, James has gained an appreciation for the value of Teamwork because Together Everyone Achieves More!

James has 3 great passions in life, Family, Baseball, and Motorcycles. He is fluent in both French and English, as French was his first language.

He is a wonderful family man to 3 beautiful children where at least once a week there is a doggy pile with him buried in the middle. His family is his world and at the core is his beautiful wife, where when he first met her he learned a valuable lesson. He saw this amazingly beautiful woman across the room who he thought was way out of his league. Then when he finally gained the courage to ask her to dance he realized, if you never ask the answer is always no.

Having played Professional Baseball, James understands the dedication, determination, and perseverance required to achieve your dreams. It is with this drive and passion that he brings every day to make his clients dreams a reality. Coaching his son’s AAA Little League team and watching him surpass his dad’s abilities only fuels this passion.

He is also an avid motorcycle enthusiast and always says, “a bad ride on a motorcycle is still a thousand times better than a great commute in a car”. Being lost in thought, feeling the wind, smelling the fresh cut fields, and the slightest temperature fluctuations, all make you feel alive. Taming the beast in the rush hour jungle is done through foresight, experience, skill, awareness, preparation, risk mitigation, competency, and execution. Real Estate can feel the same…and oddly enough, James handles it exactly the same way.

People often ask, an Engineer in Real Estate? He always smiles and says: “Pipelines don’t send Thank-You cards!”

I specialize in New Construction, Luxury Homes, Residential Acreages and Condominiums.

Languages spoken

  • English
  • French