Julie Egert

Julie Egert leads the Inspired. Commercial Real Estate Team, that specializes in Retail & Investment properties.
She joined the Commercial Real Estate Industry with unparalleled business acumen; passionate about Business Development, Real Estate Finance, and Advanced Commercial Real Estate investment strategies.
Julie was drawn to the Industry primarily as a technical investor, and left the world of Accounting due to her unrelenting love of people as a lively and passionate Extrovert. Julie attributes her success through years of placing herself in positions requiring long hours and humble beginnings, which she self proclaims as earning her stripes one stripe at a time. She learned the fundamentals of Business from MBA equivalent training, and worked at an Accounting firm focused on Small Business financial statement analysis, gained Commercial Real Estate technical analysis skills, and interned with some of the Commercial Real Estate industry’s most respected Businessmen.
From this experience Julie has learned to both Recognize and Capitalize on Opportunity. Let us show you all the Opportunity around you. All you need is a little Inspiration. Contact us at or 780 975 1036!

Inspired. Commercial Real Estate (Remax Commercial/ Remax Excellence)

Languages spoken

  • English