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Scott Livingstone

Most people, other Realtors included, believe that the job of a Realtor is to make a sale but that is a common misconception. A good Realtor is not a sales person but an advisor and a consultant. A good Realtor does not convince or persuade but helps to illuminate options and provide perspective on facts. A good realtor brings two parties together and facilitates an understanding between them.

I am new to real estate but I know what it means to be a good Realtor and that is what I am.

I come from a background in the outdoors working with teenagers. I have made a career out of helping and counseling groups of emotionally unbalanced, and intellectually undeveloped, young adults all while helping them to manage with the physical and psychological stress of an extended wilderness expedition. I am an expert in miscommunication and misunderstanding and a master of fostering understanding between hostile parties.

If you will allow me the opportunity I will be more than happy to assist with your real estate journey.

-Scott Livingstone


Languages spoken

  • English


174 Ritchie Court, Kelowna, BC
Single Family
174 Ritchie Court
  • 4 bd
  • 2 ba
  • 3 schools
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