39 Gorhams Bluff Rd

Kingston, NB, E5N 1A1
MLS® #: SJ171943
NANCY MITCHELL, RE/MAX Professionals Saint John Inc


Business Type: N/A

Date Listed: Wed, Apr 26, 2017

Property Tax: N/A

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39 Gorhams Bluff Rd

Kingston, NB, E5N 1A1
NANCY MITCHELL, RE/MAX Professionals Saint John Inc
MLS® #: SJ171943


3000 sqft

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Property Description

Large building on approx 1/2acre lot featuring 3000 sq feet of space. 2 wide doors 10w x12 h, compacted gravel driveway wide enough for large semi trucks to back in. New metal roofing on main large building, high ceilings with a 3 ton Jib crane and Electronic hoist. Reinforced concrete floors to withstand the weight of heavy machinery. Building has 3 phase electrical. Bathroom, septic, and well. Spacious Office furnished with 3 desks. Built in 2006 and used for masonry and stone cutting business. Endless potential, Autobody shop, Micro Brewery ... etc. Commercial zoning to be verified /approved before closing. May be subject to HST


Property Type: Vacant Land
Property Tax: N/A
Fees: N/A
Last Updated: Thu, March 21, 2019
Property Subtype: Residential
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Saint John, NB


(506) 650-0235

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