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O'Connor-Parkview offers a slower-paced atmosphere and will appeal to home buyers who enjoy spending time outdoors. This neighbourhood is quiet overall, as the streets tend to be reasonably tranquil. Lastly, the greenery in this part of Toronto is prominent; it is very easy to access public green spaces in the neighbourhood since there are about 20 of them nearby for residents to visit. Furthermore, residents will find that numerous streets have good tree coverage.


This neighbourhood affords home buyers several alternative modes of transportation. O'Connor-Parkview is conducive to those who travel by foot; carrying out daily needs is easy by walking. In contrast, this part of Toronto is not especially amenable to cycling because there is a considerable amount of elevation changes, and the cycling network is not particularly extensive. This area is a very pleasant part of Toronto for moving around by public transit as a result of a few nearby bus lines. O'Connor-Parkview is also car friendly. It is easy to find a parking spot.


Most of the housing growth in O'Connor-Parkview happened pre-1960. In this neighbourhood, around 40% of dwellings are single detached homes, while large apartment buildings and small apartment buildings are the main alternatives in the housing stock. The proportions of renters and homeowners are about even. This part of the city is primarily composed of three bedroom and two bedroom homes.


A grocery store is ordinarily accessible within a short walk from most properties for sale in O'Connor-Parkview. Additionally, O'Connor-Parkview is a fairly good place in which to go out to eat, and residents benefit from a few cafes as well. It is also easy to access a selection of clothing stores on foot. With respect to education, daycares and primary schools are convenient to access on foot from most homes for sale in this neighbourhood. However, O'Connor-Parkview does not contain any high schools. At the elementary level, there are both public and private schools.

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