Centre West Business Park real estate guide & listings for sale

Centre West Business Park is relatively quiet, as there are very few people out and about on the streets.


Commuting by car is especially convenient in this area. It is a very short drive to the nearest highway from anywhere in this area, and accessing a place to park is generally easy. This neighbourhood is not very suitable for walking since very few daily needs can be carried out without the use of a car.


Roughly two thirds of dwellings are small apartment buildings, making it easy to find apartments in Centre West Business Park, and the remaining properties are mainly single detached homes and townhouses. There is a higher proportion of two bedroom homes in this neighbourhood. Renters occupy about 80% of the properties in Centre West Business Park while the rest are occupied by owners. This part of the city experienced its main building boom after the year 2000, so most of the available housing is from this time period.


There are no high schools and no primary schools in Centre West Business Park. When it comes to eating, the nearest supermarket in this part of the city is generally only a rather short walk away. Moreover, it is easy to reach the closest cafe on foot, and a small number of restaurants are available in Centre West Business Park as well.

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