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Dieppe is very quiet overall, as the streets are usually very tranquil.


The preferred means of transportation in Dieppe is very often driving. It is especially convenient to park. However, Dieppe is not very transit friendly. Nonetheless, there are a few bus lines, and bus stops are not especially far from most properties. This city is not very suitable for those who travel by foot since meeting daily needs is inconvenient by walking.


In Dieppe, about half of buildings are single detached homes, and the rest of the properties are mainly small apartment buildings and townhouses. This city experienced its largest building boom after the year 2000, so most of the available housing stock is from this time period. This part of the Greater Moncton metropolitan area is primarily composed of two bedroom and three bedroom homes. Roughly 70% of the population of this city own their home and renters make up the remainder.


A portion of property owners in this city may be able to travel to one of about 10 grocery stores on foot, while others will have to turn to another means of transportation. A limited variety of restaurants and cafes can be found as well. With regards to education, there are only a few high schools and primary schools in Dieppe and consequently they can be a rather long walk away. In addition, families may find it difficult for their kids to get to daycares as a pedestrian.

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