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Since there are very few people out and about on the streets, Highbury remains relatively serene.


The preferred approach to navigate Highbury is very often a car. It is very easy to access a place to park, and the majority of the street network is made for cars. In contrast, the public transit service in Highbury is quite bad. Nonetheless, there are a few bus lines passing through the neighbourhood. Highbury is not very suitable for walking as almost no day-to-day errands can be run on foot.


The predominance of single detached homes in the housing stock of Highbury is an important part of its character. Most of the housing growth in this neighbourhood has taken place after the year 2000. This part of the city is particularly good for those looking for three bedroom homes. Homeowners occupy roughly 90% of the properties in the neighbourhood and 10% are occupied by renters.


There are no high schools and no primary schools in Highbury. Moreover, it can be very hard to access daycares as a pedestrian. With regards to eating, shopping for one's groceries very often necessitates the use of a car in this part of London. There are a few restaurants in Highbury.

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