Pond Inlet real estate guide & listings for sale

It remains relatively quiet in Pond Inlet, due to the presence of very few pedestrians.


Driving is an excellent transportation option in this hamlet. Parking is easy, and the majority of homes for sale are a very short drive from the nearest highway. It is very impractical for people travelling on foot to move around in this hamlet as many daily needs are very challenging to meet by walking.


The predominant housing types in Pond Inlet are single detached homes and row houses. Roughly one quarter of properties in this hamlet were built after the year 2000, while the majority of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1960s and the 1980s. This hamlet is primarily composed of three bedroom and two bedroom homes. Around 80% of the population of this hamlet rent their home and 20% are owners.


It is very rarely possible for home buyers in Pond Inlet to access the nearest supermarket on foot. A limited variety of coffee shops is available. When it comes to education, Pond Inlet does not contain any high schools or primary schools. In addition, daycares are not especially numerous and consequently not always within walking distance.

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