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Despite the somewhat busy feel, there are a lot of green spaces to enjoy in Anjou. More specifically, there are about 30 parks nearby for residents to explore, including Parc-Nature du Bois-d'Anjou, and they are very well-distributed, resulting in them being easy to reach from many locations in this area. Despite the abundance of public green spaces, few tree-lined streets are present. Finally, as there are few pedestrians, this part of the city is relatively quiet, although there can be more noise for those who are closer to the railway line, Autoroute 25 or Autoroute Métropolitaine.


Anjou permits homeowners to get around by several alternative methods of transportation. Commuting by public transit is easy in this borough. More precisely, the borough is served by approximately 20 bus lines, and bus stops are not very far from most properties. Active house buyers will also enjoy the pedestrian-friendly nature of Anjou; carrying out daily needs is convenient by walking. Bicycling is at times challenging in this area because there are few bike lanes. Nevertheless, some enjoyable areas for cycling can be found, and there are a limited number of slopes.


The majority of dwellings are small apartment buildings, making it easy to find apartments in Anjou, while the remainder are mainly large apartment buildings. Roughly half of properties in this borough were built in the 1960s and 1970s, while many of the remaining buildings were constructed pre-1960 and in the 1980s. This area offers mainly two bedroom and three bedroom homes. Roughly 55% of the properties in the borough are occupied by renters and the rest are occupied by owners.


It is a reasonably short walk to access primary schools from most properties for sale in this borough. In contrast, parents and their kids may consider it difficult to reach high schools as a pedestrian. With regards to eating, it is typically feasible for property owners in Anjou to purchase their groceries by walking. Furthermore, Anjou is a good place in which to go out to eat, and residents are served by around 20 cafes as well. A reasonable selection of clothing stores is also situated within a rather short walking distance.

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