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Centre-Sud is a great part of the city for home buyers who enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. Finding dynamic areas is very easy in this part of Montréal. There are masses of people around most of the time, a broad selection of entertainment venues can be found nearby, and places to go out at night are well-distributed throughout the neighbourhood. There is a fair amount of greenery in this neighbourhood as numerous tree-lined streets are prominent. Accessing green spaces, like Parc la Fontaine, is very easy from the majority of locations in the neighbourhood since there are approximately 20 of them close by for residents to explore.


This part of Montréal will attract property owners that appreciate various modes of transportation. The public transit service in Centre-Sud is excellent. It is convenient to reach a nearby rapid transit station, such as Papineau Station, Berri-UQAM Station and Frontenac Station with access to the Yellow Line, Orange Line and Green Line, from the majority of residences in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is linked by about 30 bus lines, and bus stops are commonly nearby. Centre-Sud is also very convenient for walking; running daily errands is very easy by walking, and various businesses are very close by. Physically active people will enjoy the especially cycling-friendly character of Centre-Sud. More specifically, there is always a bike-share station in proximity, and the cycling infrastructure is well-developed.


The predominance of small apartment buildings in the housing stock of Centre-Sud is an important part of its character. The homes in this part of Montréal are quite old, since roughly 45% of its dwellings were constructed prior to the 1960s, while many of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1960s and the 1980s. This neighbourhood is primarily composed of two bedroom and one bedroom homes. Renters occupy roughly three quarters of the dwellings in Centre-Sud whereas owners occupy the remainder.


Property owners in Centre-Sud will value that a general and a specialty grocery store is always only a very short walk away. Rue Amherst is among the best streets for groceries. Furthermore, with 300-odd restaurants and cafes in Centre-Sud, there is almost always a spot to get a meal or beverage just around the corner. An excellent choice of clothing stores is also situated within a very short walking distance. Regarding education, parents and their schoolchildren will value that wherever their property is situated in this neighbourhood, daycares and schools are close by. At the secondary level, both public and private schools can be found.

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