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Lairet is a good neighbourhood to buy a house in for those who prefer a slower-paced ambience. This part of Québec is reasonably quiet overall, as there are low levels of noise from traffic - however some areas can be quite loud, especially around Autoroute Laurentienne or the railway line. Finally, parks, such as Parc de l'Exposition, are very well-situated and there are a few of them nearby for residents to explore, making them easy to access from numerous locations in Lairet.


This neighbourhood will attract house buyers that value various methods of transportation. The good public transit infrastructure allows people to get to many destinations without needing a car as a consequence of around 10 nearby bus lines. This part of the city is also a fairly pleasant part of Québec for pedestrians; running common errands is easy. It is convenient to move around by bicycle in this part of Québec as riding is made easier by the generally flat terrain, and there are a good number of bike lanes.


The majority of dwellings are small apartment buildings, making it easy to find apartments in Lairet, while duplexes make up most of the remaining housing stock. This neighbourhood is primarily composed of one bedroom and two bedroom homes. Around 80% of the population of this neighbourhood rent their home and 20% are owners. Roughly 40% of properties in this part of the city were constructed in the 1960s and 1970s, while many of the remaining buildings were built pre-1960 and in the 1980s.


Parents and their kids will appreciate that wherever their home is located in Lairet, daycares and schools are nearby. With regards to food, the nearest grocery store in Lairet is generally only a very short walk away. Likewise, a restaurant is typically just around the corner, and a small variety of coffee shops can be found as well. It is also a rather short walk to a good selection of clothing stores.

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