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Home buyers who prefer a relaxed atmosphere will enjoy Saint-Jean-Vianney. Greenery is not particularly present in this part of Longueuil; more specifically, residents will find that few tree-lined streets are around. However, parks are especially well-situated and there are a few of them close by for residents to discover, which makes them easy to reach. This area is also reasonably good for those who need quiet surroundings, as the streets tend to be quite calm - although that is not the case near the railway line.


No matter the medium of transportation, it is reasonably easy to move around in this part of the city. Commuting by public transit is convenient in this area. The neighbourhood is connected by approximately 10 bus lines, and the closest bus stop is typically just around the corner. Walking is also reasonably feasible for residents in Saint-Jean-Vianney; carrying out daily needs is convenient by walking. This part of Longueuil is reasonably amenable to bicycling since this neighbourhood boasts a great cycling infrastructure, and there are few slopes to confront bike riders.


Most homes in Saint-Jean-Vianney were built between 1960 and 1980, during its most significant construction boom. The predominance of small apartment buildings in the housing stock of this neighbourhood is an important part of its character. Renters occupy roughly two thirds of the dwellings in Saint-Jean-Vianney and one third are occupied by owners. This neighbourhood offers mainly three bedroom and two bedroom homes.


Parents and their kids will appreciate that no matter where their house is located in Saint-Jean-Vianney, schools and daycares are nearby. Residents have the option of public and private schools at both the primary and secondary school level. With regards to eating, a grocery store is generally reachable within a short walk from anywhere in Saint-Jean-Vianney. Additionally, those who like to dine in restaurants will have a fair number of choices, and there are also a few coffee shops in this part of Longueuil. Home buyers can find a good number of clothing stores within walking distance.

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