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Those who enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and spending time in green spaces will feel at home in Saint-Roch. This area has a large number of places for those looking for a dynamic vibe. There are many nearby entertainment venues, the streets are very often busy with people, and finding one of the approximately 20 bars is very easy because they are generally situated in especially convenient locations. Green spaces, like Parc Victoria and Parc linéaire de la Rivière Saint-Charles, are very well-distributed and there are about 10 of them close by for residents to visit, which makes them very easy to get to from the majority of locations in this area.


This area provides home buyers with the choice between a diversity of modes of transportation. Homeowners can count on public transit to travel in Saint-Roch. For instance, there are approximately 40 bus lines crossing the neighbourhood, and the closest bus stop is generally just around the corner. Saint-Roch will also draw active people as it is very conducive to walking; most daily needs are easy to meet on foot, and many businesses are close by. Biking is easy in Saint-Roch since this neighbourhood has a very good bicycling infrastructure.


The predominance of small apartment buildings in the housing stock of Saint-Roch is an important part of its character. This neighbourhood is primarily composed of two bedroom and one bedroom homes. Renters occupy about three quarters of the dwellings in the neighbourhood while owners occupy the remainder. The buildings in this area are quite old, since roughly 40% of its buildings were constructed pre-1960, while the majority of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1960s and the 1980s.


Families will welcome that no matter where their property is situated in Saint-Roch, schools and daycares are nearby. Regarding eating, it is very convenient to reach both a general and a specialty grocery store on foot from anywhere in Saint-Roch. Moreover, those who enjoy eating out won't have to go far in this part of the city, where over 50 restaurants and approximately 10 cafes are available. It is also very easy to get to a number of clothing stores on foot, for example along Rue Saint-Joseph.

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