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Sector O is a very good neighbourhood to buy a house in for those who prefer a slower-paced environment. This neighbourhood features not much greenery; although, parks are very well-distributed and there are a few of them nearby for residents to explore, making them easy to get to. Most areas in this part of Brossard are very quiet, as the streets are usually very peaceful.


The car is usually the favoured approach to get around in sector O. It is a reasonably short drive to the closest highway from anywhere in this neighbourhood, and parking is easy. However, this part of Brossard is not very transit friendly. Nevertheless, house owners have access to a few bus lines, and the nearest bus stop is typically just around the corner. It is occasionally difficult for people walking to navigate sector O as few daily needs can be met without having to resort to a car.


The predominant housing types in sector O are single detached homes and townhouses. This neighbourhood did not experience a single building boom; the construction of new dwellings in the neighbourhood was spread throughout multiple decades in recent history. This neighbourhood is primarily composed of three bedroom and four or more bedroom homes. Homeowners occupy roughly 90% of the units in the neighbourhood and the rest are rented.


In this neighbourhood, families will usually be able to access primary schools and daycares by walking. On the other hand, there are no high schools in this neighbourhood. When it comes to eating, it is convenient to get to the closest supermarket on foot in sector O. A limited number of restaurants and coffee shops can be found as well.

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