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Sector T offers a wide variety of green spaces to enjoy. To be more precise, there are a few parks close by for residents to unwind in and they are very well-situated, which makes it easy to reach them from the majority of locations in sector T. However, few tree-lined streets are around. As there are very few pedestrians, this neighbourhood remains relatively calm.


The best approach to navigate this area is usually a car. It is straightforward to park, and it is a short drive to the closest highway, such as Autoroute René-Lévesque, from any location in sector T. On the other hand, the public transit network in this neighbourhood is somewhat poor. Nonetheless, property owners benefit from approximately 10 bus lines, and most residences are very close to a bus stop. It is sometimes difficult for pedestrians to get around in sector T because few daily needs can be carried out without the use of a vehicle.


Around three quarters of the units in the neighbourhood are occupied by homeowners and the rest are rented. Single detached homes are the predominant housing type, representing roughly half of dwellings in this part of Brossard, but small apartment buildings and townhouses are also present in the housing stock. This area experienced its largest building boom in the 1960s and 1970s, so most of the available properties are from this time period. This neighbourhood is primarily composed of four or more bedroom and three bedroom homes.


In this area, parents and their children will commonly be able to access primary schools on foot. On the other hand, this area does not have any high schools. With respect to food, reaching the closest supermarket on foot is practical for some, but not all, home buyers in this neighbourhood. That being said, a restaurant is often just around the corner, and a limited selection of cafes can be found as well.

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