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The noise levels in Stratford are especially low, as the streets are usually very peaceful.


This township is very car friendly. It is very easy to park. Travelling on foot is not very practical for residents in Stratford because carrying out daily needs is very inconvenient.


The predominant housing types in Stratford are single detached homes and townhouses. Around 30% of homes in this township were constructed pre-1960, while the majority of the remaining buildings were built in the 1960s and the 1990s. This township offers mainly two bedroom and three bedroom homes. Homeowners occupy roughly 90% of the properties in Stratford and 10% are occupied by renters.


There are only a very small number of primary schools in this township and accordingly they can be a very long walk away. Furthermore, Stratford does not contain any high schools. Additionally, daycares are not plentiful and therefore may require a very long walk to get to. With regards to eating, it is very rarely practical for home buyers in Stratford to access the closest supermarket on foot.

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