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Those who enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and spending time outdoors will feel at home in Ville-Marie. This borough has a very large number of areas to explore. Numerous entertainment venues can be found nearby, there are lots of people around most of the time, and finding one of the over 200 nightlife venues is very easy as they are generally situated in very convenient locations. Rue Ontario is among the most lively streets in this borough. Greenery is reasonably prominent in this part of the city as there are numerous tree-lined streets. There are over 50 green spaces nearby for residents to discover, like Parc du Mont-Royal and Parc de la Cité-du-Havre, and they are very well-spread out, which makes them very easy to access.


Ville-Marie will please homeowners that use various modes of transportation. Ville-Marie is especially transit friendly as a consequence of various nearby rapid transit stations on the Orange Line, Green Line and Yellow Line, and over 100 nearby bus lines. Ville-Marie is also very convenient for walking; most common errands can be run without needing to use a vehicle, and many businesses of different types can be found as well. Bicycling is convenient in Ville-Marie since bike-share stations are hardly ever more than a few blocks away, and the bicycling infrastructure is quite well-developed.


Large apartment buildings are the most common housing type, representing the majority of buildings in Ville-Marie, but small apartment buildings are also present in the housing stock. This part of the city is notable for those looking for one bedroom homes. Around three quarters of the population of this borough rent their home while owners make up the remainder. Roughly one third of properties in this borough were built before the 1960s, while the majority of the remaining buildings were constructed in the 1960s and the 1980s.


Daycares and schools are convenient to walk to from most homes for sale in this borough. Along with public schools, there are private elementary and high schools. In terms of eating, it is very often feasible for property owners in Ville-Marie to shop for general and specialty groceries by walking. Boulevard De Maisonneuve is among the best streets for food stores. Likewise, there are over 1600 restaurants and over 300 coffee shops to experience in Ville-Marie. Residents have access to a very large number of nearby clothing stores, for instance along Rue Sainte-Catherine.

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