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Villeray offers a variety of experiences for home buyers who enjoy a vibrant atmosphere and spending time outdoors. This area has a large number of areas for those looking for a dynamic vibe. Even though relatively few entertainment venues can be found nearby, there are crowds of people around most of the time, and finding one of the about 20 bars is very easy since they are generally situated in very convenient locations. Rue Jarry is among the most active streets in this part of Montréal. There is a fair amount of greenery in this neighbourhood as there are many tree-lined streets. There are about 10 public green spaces close by for residents to check out, including Parc Jarry, which makes it very easy to reach them from the majority of locations in this neighbourhood.


Villeray presents house buyers with the choice between several means of transportation. The public transit service in Villeray is excellent. It is convenient to reach a nearby rapid transit station, including De Castelnau Station, Jarry Station and Fabre Station with access to the Blue Line and Orange Line, from the bulk of residences in the neighbourhood. There are approximately 20 bus lines crossing the neighbourhood, and bus stops are ordinarily nearby. Travelling on foot is also very practical for house buyers in this part of Montréal; many daily needs are very convenient to carry out on foot, and a fair number of businesses of different types can be found as well. Villeray is quite cycling-friendly since there is always a bike-share station in proximity, and the topography is reasonably flat.


Around 70% of the units in the neighbourhood are occupied by renters and 30% are occupied by owners. In this part of Montréal, roughly three quarters of dwellings are small apartment buildings, and the rest are mainly duplexes. Most of the housing growth in this area took place prior to the 1960s. This part of Montréal offers mainly two bedroom and one bedroom homes.


Families will value that wherever their property is located in this area, daycares and schools are close by. Regarding food, it is very easy to get to both a general and a specialty grocery store by walking from most houses for sale in Villeray. Likewise, there are over 150 restaurants and approximately 50 coffee shops to experience in Villeray. It is also a very short distance to a great selection of clothing stores, for instance along Rue Saint-Hubert.

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