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No matter what type of character home buyers prefer in a city, Westmount is a reasonably good option. The noise levels in Westmount are low, as the streets are reasonably calm, although there are still several noisier sections, especially close to Autoroute Ville-Marie or the railway line. There is a fair amount of greenery in this city as the tree canopy coverage for the majority of streets is fairly good. There are about 10 public green spaces close by for residents to unwind in, such as Parc du Mont-Royal, and they are very well-located, which makes them very easy to access. Finally, there are a large number of things to do in this city to discover. There are numerous nearby entertainment venues, the streets are very often busy with people, and with the bars in nearby cities, it is very easy to find a place to grab a drink because they are generally located very close by. Rue Sherbrooke is among the most active streets in this city.


Westmount permits homeowners to move around using several modes of transportation. The very good public transit infrastructure allows people to get to many destinations without needing a vehicle. In particular, residents benefit from around 20 bus lines, and bus stops are not very far-removed from most properties. Physically active home buyers will also be pleased with the very walk-friendly nature of Westmount; running common errands is very convenient, and numerous businesses are quite nearby. Westmount is not particularly amenable to cycling because there is a considerable amount of hills, and the bicycling network is not very comprehensive.


Large apartment buildings are the most common housing type, representing roughly one third of dwellings in Westmount, and the remaining properties are mainly small apartment buildings, single detached homes, and townhouses. This city offers mainly two bedroom and four or more bedroom homes. The proportions of renters and homeowners are about even. Most of the housing growth in this city occurred before the 1960s.


It is straightforward to access both a general and a specialty grocery store by walking from anywhere in Westmount. There are around 20 supermarkets in this city, and the best variety can be found on streets like Rue Sherbrooke. Likewise, with over 50 restaurants and about 10 cafes, Westmount is a very good area in which to go out to eat. It is also especially easy to access a selection of clothing stores on foot. When it comes to education, in Westmount, families will typically be able to access schools and daycares by walking. In addition to public schools, there are private elementary and high schools.

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