Hayden Road

Cape Breton, NS, B1L 1A2
MLS® #: 201805378
Ryan O'Donnell, RE/MAX Park Place Inc


Business Type: N/A

Date Listed: Sun, Mar 18, 2018

Property Tax: N/A

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Hayden Road

Cape Breton, NS, B1L 1A2
Ryan O'Donnell, RE/MAX Park Place Inc
MLS® #: 201805378


N/A sqft

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Property Description

83 acres of land located at the end of Hayden Rd which is off Crestdale Drive in Sydney Forks. Nearly half of the acreage is cleared and a portion of the back half rests on Blacketts Lake. The land currently houses a cottage as well as a barn and garage. The site also contains a dug well, septic system, and a gravel driveway. Ideal location for horses, farm, building site, or just a place to shut yourself out from the world. The possibilities are endless.


Property Type: Vacant Land
Property Tax: na
Fees: na
Last Updated: Tue, December 18, 2018
Documents On File: Land Survey
SaleOrRent: For Sale
Survey Available: Yes
Title: Freehold
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