Lot Lh Reagh Avenue

Middleton, NS, B0S 1P0
MLS® #: 201700898
Richard Greene, RE/MAX Banner Real Estate


Business Type: N/A

Date Listed: Mon, Jan 16, 2017

Property Tax: N/A

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Lot Lh Reagh Avenue

Middleton, NS, B0S 1P0
Richard Greene, RE/MAX Banner Real Estate
MLS® #: 201700898


N/A sqft

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Property Description

Located in the Heart of the Valley, Middleton, consisting of almost half an acre in an established subdivision. Minutes from schools, hospitals and shopping. Municipal services available.


Property Type: Vacant Land
Property Tax: N/A
Fees: N/A
Last Updated: Thu, February 28, 2019
SaleOrRent: For Sale
Title: Freehold
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43 PINECREST DR, Middleton, NS, B0P 1W0

N/A sqft
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Middleton, NS


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