North River, NS, B0E 1B0
Minerva MacInnis, RE/MAX PARK PLACE INC. - 14505


Business Type: N/A

Date Listed: Fri, Aug 25, 2017

Property Tax: N/A

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North River, NS, B0E 1B0
Minerva MacInnis, RE/MAX PARK PLACE INC. - 14505


N/A sqft

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Property Description

Welcome to the end of the MURRAY ROAD where the fresh waters of the North River (POPULAR SALMON RIVER) meet the salty ocean waters of the PROTECTED St. Anns Harbour where BOATERS are slowly discovering. This piece of vacant land consists of 87 ACRES of hillside wooded property and 2 small outshoots into the Bay each identified on Nova Scotia Property Online as being 10 sq` More/Less. Murray Road is a DOT maintained, year round gravel road. There is 750`-800` of road front which is directly across the road from the shoreline + small waterfront lots. EFFECTIVELY WATERFRONT ALL ALONG THE FRONT! Land runs 1 and 1/4 mile back. IDEAL LOCATION for WOOD and WATER RECREATION. Tuck your seasonal cottage or RV onto this VERY PRIVATE PIECE OF LAND or build a year round home in this WELCOMING RURAL COMMUNITY.


Property Type: Vacant Land
Property Tax: na
Fees: na
Last Updated: Fri, August 17, 2018
SaleOrRent: For Sale
Title: Freehold
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